About C Qube

About C Qube

It is high time for the principal employer to not only comply with their role on the compliance front but also to have a review mechanism in place to make the contractors and sub-contractors do so. The compliance negligence by contractors and sub-contractors gets the work shifted to the shoulders of the principal employer, which is the ground reality.

Our C Qube–Contractor’s Compliance Check-version 1–Cloud-based application is in line with the statutory applicability track, collect documents, validate, highlight, rectify, and finally certify the contractor’s compliance month on month with less human efforts. This is the edge of the "technology-driven solution".

It facilitates the principal employer's ability to curtail the potential financial and legal liability every month by bringing the grey areas of contractors to light, thus enabling the Principal Employer to take action on the tardy contractors on time.

Highlights of C Qube

  • Less Human Intervention
  • Cloud-based application
  • Digitally Transparent
  • Real-Time updation
  • Least TAT (1 hour)
  • Digitally Escalated
  • Digitally Tracked
  • Hub of Repository
  • Multiple Reports
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • Digitally Encrypted

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