Navigating through inspections by EPF (Employees' Provident Fund) and ESI (Employees' State Insurance) authorities regarding applicable establishment codes posts a formidable challenge for Indian employers. The process is made cumbersome due to the extensive data from the past five years that must be managed and submitted as proof of the company's established compliance.

Within this context, it falls upon every employer to validate the evidence that demonstrates their sincere commitment to adhering to the Act's provisions relevant to the company. While substantiating evidence might seem straightforward for regular on-roll employees, extending similar statutory compliance to contractors employing contract labour introduces a complex and demanding dimension for the principal employer.

The practical reality is that gaps, documentation shortcomings, and misinterpretations of Act provisions in showcasing adequate compliance leave the "Principal Employer" vulnerable to penalties and fines imposed by EPF and ESI authorities.

There are several key aspects that makes compliance inspection essential for any organization:

  1. Thorough Documentation: Accurate, organized records are vital for compliance substantiation.
  2. Contract Labour Management: Inaccuracy in contractors and subcontractors meeting legal requirements and maintaining records.
  3. Proactive Audits: Internal reviews identify gaps and facilitate corrective action.
  4. Act Interpretation: Precise understanding prevents misinterpretation leading to non-compliance.
  5. Tech Integration: Automation streamlines the processes and reduces errors in compliance efforts
  6. Legal Expertise: Seek advice for complex concerns and disputes.
  7. Regular Reviews: Stay updated with evolving regulations for sustained compliance success.

CWSTPL renders services under inspection where our automated tool will collect the preceding 5 years of invoices, salary particulars, code allotment letters, paid challans, ECR & Contribution history code-wise, Analyze the manpower cost involved. Reconcile, Substantiate the applicable legal provisions, arrange for supporting documents and statutory responses, ensure inspection closure, and act as a repository, storing all relevant documents for future inference.

Our Scope

Our Inspection Services:

  1. EPF Inspection: Ensure a hassle-free EPF inspection with accurate employee contribution verification, thorough maintenance of records, compliance with KYC norms, and timely filing of returns. Keep essential documents, including employee details, contribution records, and KYC documents, ready to demonstrate compliance and secure your employees' financial future.

  2. ESI Inspection: Streamline your ESI inspection process by verifying accurate contributions, maintaining necessary registers, and reviewing medical benefits provided to employees. Ensure the presence of documents such as employee lists, ESI contribution records, and registers related to attendance and wages for a successful inspection outcome.

Our Process

At Comply Well Tech Solutions, our process involves several steps to ensure thorough and accurate inspections. We start with an initial assessment where we understand your facility's compliance requirements and challenges, tailoring our approach accordingly. Our team then conducts on-site inspections, gathering information through document reviews, personnel interviews, and visual assessments. We compile a comprehensive compliance report post-inspection, identifying non-compliance areas and suggesting improvements. Our experts collaborate with you to create an action plan for addressing these issues and achieving full compliance.

Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder

  • Automated processes can handle any volume of inspections PAN India
  • Access to the right people is crucial since the documents dealt with confidential

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