Kumaran Muthusamy

Kumaran Muthusamy

Managing Director

Kumaran Muthusamy is a recognised personality in the field of industrial automation solutions in the manufacturing industry who, with more than 20 years of rich hands-on experience in people, process, and product-based companies, has developed and deployed automation solutions across segments in India, Nepal, and Africa. After working for various companies at the executive level, he went on to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and eventually became a proud businessman. His industry expertise and people skills, combined with his broad vision and go-getting attitude, have led to the exploration of diversified business opportunities, i.e., compliance services through automation.

He has a bachelor’s in engineering. He is also an avid learner, a motivator, and a mentor for young professionals and has helped them shape their careers significantly. His insistence on attention to detail and customer satisfaction has resulted in a hugely loyal customer base. His main focus has been business process engineering and optimisation, with several innovations along with numerous credits for empowering people.

He has expertise in building a winning team that breaks barriers and surmounts limitations, all while meeting pre-established performance benchmarks for key operational goals. His result-oriented approach enables him to get things done efficiently and effectively, which in turn helps him successfully accomplish the organisation’s goals through efficacious strategies. He started Comply Well Tech Solutions to explore opportunities in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) space.

  • Shankara Pandian

    Shankara Pandian

    Executive Director

    Shankara Pandian graduated in Economics from Madura College, Madurai in the year 2007. In 2010, he earned his Master of Business Administration (specializing in Human Resource & Marketing) from Kalasalingam University, Krishnan Koil. He pursued a PG Diploma in Administrative Law and Labour Law from Madurai Kamaraj University-Distance Education relevant to his work domain in the year 2019.

    He has over 13+ years of rich experience acquired through previous organisations in the fields of administration, customer relations, and back-office administration, which is inclusive of 8+ years of experience in the field of labour law compliance services.

    Shankara Pandian's thought process of automating compliance services is the framework for setting up this Comply Well Tech Solutions Private Limited. His expertise in labour laws synchronised with technology will position "Comply Well Tech Solutions" as the technocrat compliance leader in the KPO industry of the Nation.

  • Kumaran Subbaiah

    Kumaran Subbaiah

    Executive Director

    Kumaran Subbaiah graduated in Computer Science Engineering from Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai in the year 2004. He further pursued his Master of Engineering (specialising in Computer Science) from the Periyar Maniammai University, Tanjore in the year 2012. He has over 14+ years of rich experience acquired through previous organisations in the fields of software testing, administration, and operations.

    He has expertise in overseeing all operational aspects of company strategy, direct budget planning, improving profitability, and maximising employee efficiency. His approach helps set strategic goals and smooth the flow of operations information to the Managing Director.

    His expertise in facilities management, ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities, and vendor and partner relationships will sustain and sail "Comply Well Tech Solutions" to its deserved fame.

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