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A new realm and trailblazer in Labour Law Compliance Services - Comply Well Technologies Private Limited

Comply Well Technologies is a new firm established with the purpose of empowering and enabling industries to comply with complex statutory laws and rules of the nation.

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"To walk in line is a tough row to hoe."

Compliance is a "Moving Target" and regulatory laws keep changing on a regular basis. Even Covid-19 has introduced unprecedented impacts in the statutory compliance system. To meet the compliance requirements, every enterprise strives to build its own compliance culture and create a risk-free business eco-system.

This epidemic situation infused an idea of "Digitalization" into every business and it became the "new normal". Technology never ceases to evolve. The major thumb rule is to "keep pace with technological breakthroughs" to gain an edge over competitors. With that insight, Comply Well Technologies integrates core compliance knowledge into the programming landscape to structure an automated platform to overcome the compliance complexities by putting an end card to its "Myth."

We intend to release S-a-a-S products in phases to meet all the requirements of Labour Law compliance standards. As a part of this quantum leap, a couple of S-a-a-S products—C-Qube & H-Bot launched by Comply Well Technologies.

About S-a-a-S Products:


Contractor's Compliance Check is cloud-based software that enables principle employers/ enterprises to collect, manage, and track the compliance requirements of contractors on a monthly basis.

H Bot:

Highlighting Bot is a cloud-based application that highlights and sorts out the compliance evidence from the pool of data. This unique product is a boon to those who get mired in the tiresome and monotonous activity of segregating and validating compliance evidence.

SAAS for Contractor Compliance - Perquisite for Principle Employers:

Over the last decade, "contracts" evolved as a "blood line" for businesses.

Regardless of size, enterprises need to construct new contract architectures to regulate / protect their business bonding. "Dynamics" is the very essence of contractor labour management. This dynamic nature leaves a space for crafting pertinent contractual structures to mitigate and manage risks.

Contractors are destined to keep track of the various complex projects on a daily basis. It is a daunting process for contractors to pay attention to deadlines, budgets, payroll, safety, and other compliance needs in a row. The crux of the matter is that it is very challenging to be compliant with the plethora of contractor labour regulations.

"Contractual transparency" should be implemented in the various layers of the organisation to ensure smooth functioning. In a laborious task, it's not easy to attain a significant level of transparency. Manual compliance management involves the disseminating and handling of data through paper, which is prone to human errors. When the contract regime expands, organisations confront new challenges and risks that create a complicated compliance environment. To simplify these processes, several groundbreaking solutions have emerged to give a technology-centric shape to compliance management.

As a result of the technological integration, manual efforts are reduced by automating the contractor compliance cycle. Technological enablement yields several compliance software packages to streamline the processes. Despite the fact that the software solution alleviates the complexities of the compliance framework, the entire compliance cycle cannot be automated as it requires a minimal level of human intervention. This demands industries to keep backup resources to avoid "overlooks" in the compliance domain.

In an effort to think outside of the box, Comply Well Technologies developed S-a-a-S products to automate every single phase of the contractor compliance management cycle to ensure speed & accuracy. It’s our new proactive approach towards compliance to build a reliable platform that forewarns about the regulations and helps industries enact their compliance obligations.

As we are aware, principle employers are solely responsible for ensuring that compliance criteria are met. A contractor's small refusal to comply with regulations will cause potential risks to the organisation and principal employer.

By constructively articulating the digital features, we cast a digital spell to protect the principle employers and make them take strong implications for building a good relationship with contractors.

There are tons of software models trying to resolve the bottlenecks of the compliance process on the grounds of automation. Comply Well Technologies embedding risks, regulations and policies in a single platform to bring massive advantages to the industry, including accessibility, scalability, flexibility, and low deployment costs.

Moving on-premise applications to a cloud-based solution is a game-changing idea. Choosing the right one among them is the key to efficient compliance management.  Make a smart decision to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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