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Comply Well Tech Solutions stands as a rapidly emerging entity within India's compliance sector, bearing a clear vision to provide seamless compliance solutions with organizations spanning the spectrum from SMEs and MSMEs to enterprises of multinational stature. Non-compliance challenges can significantly hinder an organization's growth journey due to the complexities of internal implementation and supervision. Notable repercussions of non-compliance include substantial penalties and the depletion of valuable business time. Our mission is to promote effective compliance strategies and lead organizations towards a structured path of progress.

Comply Well Tech Solutions possesses the capability to construct cutting-edge, technology-driven e-compliance modules fused with knowledge-driven expertise across various compliance domains. Acknowledging the dynamics of India's burgeoning economy and the continuous evolution of statutory regulations, Comply Well Tech Solutions Private Limited aspires to play a pivotal role in advancing this paradigm by providing unwavering support to industries, irrespective of their scale.

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"Compliance Fitness of Your Business" is ensured with the help of our automated Compliance Services and Solutions

Contract labour compliance

Contract Labour Compliance

The role of labour remains pivotal in driving India's economic growth. As of September 2021, the labour force participation rate stands at 39.8%, with the service sector contributing the second-highest share at 32.33% followed by the industrial sector at 26.18%..

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factory compliance service

Factory Compliance

In the world of manufacturing, adhering to factory compliance standards is not just a legal requirement but also crucial for maintaining quality, safety, and ethical practices. Factory compliance ensures that businesses..

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establishment compliance service

Establishment Compliance

Enterprises in India confront critical establishment compliance obstacles. The intricate regulatory framework demands adeptly maneuvering multifaceted laws across different levels, compounded by rapid legal updates..

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payroll compliance service

Payroll Compliance

Payroll compliance in India entails adhering to intricate regulations covering tax deductions, statutory contributions (like EPF and ESI), minimum wages, leave policies, and benefits. Principal employees are liable to accurately calculate and record salaries..

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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll in India faces several challenges that can impact business productivity and employee morale. Some of the top challenges faced by businesses in India include coordination between several teams, compliance with Indian labour laws..

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legal services

Legal Services

As an employer, one needs to comply with the compliance provisions applicable to the company, still, it is the employer’s liability to secure evidence of the records and registers that have already been complied with during the inspections..

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industrial licensing service

Industrial Licensing Service

In India, there are specific regulations and restrictions to establish industries under certain categories before setting up any industry. This is allowed for operations only when the licenses are obtained before the employer sets up such an industry..

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consulting and auditing service

Consulting and Auditing

Dealing with India's complex laws and regulations can be a headache for many companies. Trying to follow all the rules can be tough, especially when you're focused on running your business. But here's the thing: some companies have learned..

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Navigating through inspections by EPF (Employees' Provident Fund) and ESI (Employees' State Insurance) authorities regarding applicable establishment codes posts a formidable challenge for Indian employers. The process is made cumbersome..

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Our Products

Our products are a marketing mix delivering "Compliance" being the "Elixir of any Business".

cqube product

C Qube

Principal Employers in India face intricate challenges in contractor compliance. Ensuring compliance with labour laws, monitoring contractors' adherence, and mitigating financial and legal risks necessitate meticulous focus. The repercussions of noncompliance..

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hbot product

H Bot

H-Bot emerges as the quintessential ally when it concerns the proficient handling of compliance evidence . Harnessing its intricate automation capabilities, H-Bot adeptly undertakes the process of systematically collating, categorizing, validating and accentuating..

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Payroll On Time

Payroll On Time

Facing the challenges linked to payroll administration can indeed be a significant endeavor. This encompasses staying updated with continuously evolving regulations, ensure data security, and achieve precise calculations. Each of these facets brings forth its own distinct..

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Payroll Compliance Services

Payroll Compliance Services

Though the expenses on labour could be the biggest expense of any business, processing the salary and statutory deductions correctly is crucial for the long-term growth and expansion of the business. Payroll can be defined as the process of computing the salary..

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Licensing Services

Licensing Services

In India before setting up any industry there are certain regulations and restrictions to establish industries under certain categories. This is allowed for operations only when the licenses are obtained before setting up such industry by an employer.This licensing is a pre-requisite for certain industries..

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Litigation Tracking


LITRACK offers a sophisticated document management system that allows you to upload, categorize, and retrieve documents effortlessly. Our advanced search capabilities assist you in locating specific files in seconds, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of overlooking critical..

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factory compliance service

Factory Compliance Services

India is the third-largest economy in purchasing power parity after the U.S. and China, it has a large population of engineers and factory workers, its intellectual property is widely respected, and it is easy to find English-speaking managers there. Still establishing a factory in India..

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establishment compliance service

Establishment Compliance Services

Any business in India will try to extend their territory from domestic level to national level focusing their growth but owing to the various state & union territories laws being the barrier in front of them many employers will postpone / drop the extension of their business branches.

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Handling EPF and ESI Inspections

Handling EPF and ESI Inspections

Facing inspection from EPF and ESI authorities with regard to the establishment codes applicable is a tedious process for any employer in India, owing to the volume of data from the preceding 5 years to be handled and submitted as evidence towards compliance..

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I appreciate the efforts being put in to make an advanced "Automated web tool" for handling the contractor's compliance at ease. The web tool covered many aspects where contractors go wrong, C Qube will put them back in the track of compliance for sure. Wishing Comply Well Tech Solutions all success for their future endeavours.

G Ramanath
Managing Director
Teamlogic Consultancy Services


By experiencing the functional performance of the tool, I got excited with its dynamism & robust results in a few minutes. C Qube is the one stop solution for every employer to monitor contractors compliance. I wish all the very best to Comply Well Tech Solutions Private Limited and look forward to an association.

R Gururajan
Manager Compliance
The Phoenix Mills Ltd


C Qube product demonstration by Comply Well Tech Solutions really amused with a vow factor. In a single click of a button, the system executing the auditing of contractor's documents and throwing the audit report along with its relevant working, saves a lot of human hours. Wishing Comply Well Tech Solutions all success.

Gopinath G S
HR Manager
ISI(India) Private Limited

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